‘La profesora de lengua castellana’ es un microrrelato del libro de Beatriz Giovanna Ramírez ‘Un Montón de Espejos Rotos’ que ha sido llevado a la animación por Alfonso Garavito Olivar en un hermoso trabajo audiovisual. Alfonso recrea el microrrelato ‘La profesora de lengua castellana’, en Machinima, una producción para la Universidad de Western Australia y su evento MachinimUWA VII.


Alfonso Garavito Olivar shows us how virtual worlds help with language teaching in a global interconnected world with «La profesora de lengua castellana». Alfonso’s work epitomises the global nature of virtual world collaborations, with himself hailing from Colombia, now living in the USA, the poet, Beatriz Giovanna Ramirez is also from Colombia but living in Spain, the musician, David Postigo Rodriguez is from Spain, the voice over actress, GLOR14 is from Argentina and the SIM designer, Kai Separis is from Japan. *

*Tomado del blog de the University of Western Australia (UWA) presence on Second Life.

‘La profesora de lengua castellana’ is the machinima produced for the University of Western Australia’s MachinimUWA VII: Transcending Borders.
It is really amazing how we transcend our own borders and connect with other human beings on a global based through 3D Virtual Worlds.
‘La profesora de lengua castellana’, ‘The Spanish Language Teacher’, is a great example of that as we as artists and professional of different fields who got together in order to share a piece of art.
We are a poet, Beatriz Giovanna Ramírez, a Music composer, David Postillo, the V.O Actriz, GLOR14 Resident and a Machinimatographer and languages teacher, Alfonso Garavito Olivar.
The poem is the inspiration of this machinima, ‘La profesora de lengua castellana’ is one of the poems from the book, ‘Un Montón de espejos rotos’ by Beatriz Giovanna Ramírez which is beautifully enhanced by the wonderful music of the piece by David Postigo Rodríguez. Add to this outstanding mix the beautiful voice of , GLOR14 as a Voice Over actress and finally the ability and skill with his sense of sensitivity of Alfonso Perfferle, Alfonso Garavito Olivar.
This wouldn’t be possible without the amazing virtual places created by entrepreneurs and professors from the UWA and the beautiful Japanese SIM, Kamishichicken Hanamachi desingned by Kai Serapis,